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InterParts exists to provide our customers with the best possible motoring products, concentrating especially on cars and vans. We offer these great products to both the general public and the industry professional alike. 

We endeavour to offer exceptional customer service and helpful advice coupled with very competitive prices. 

Please have a look around our website as it contains useful and relative information surrounding the car and van repair industry (mechanical and bodywork) for both the general public and professional mechanic / spray painter.

Car and van parts and accessories can be expensive however at InterParts we source our parts from reputable suppliers and manufacturers which ensures you will always be offered a quality product at a very reasonable price. Along with car and van parts we also supply other products linked to the automotive sector.

InterParts supply -

  • Car valeting productsCar valeting is essential if you want to maintain the look of your vehicle and help retain its value. InterParts supply valeting solutions to suit everyone's budget and requirements. From a bottle of 'Wash and Wax' to complete valeting sets we have the lot.
  • Body shop / paint shop supplies
  • Tools - (hand held and power tools)
  • Welding equipment and supplies
  • Workshop supplies
  • Janitorial products
  • Trailer and towing equipment
  • Vehicle and leisure batteries
  • And much much more

Please feel free to call us to discuss any queries you have, we look forward to helping you. 

We have launched an on-line store.

Please visit our on-line store where you can browse and purchase automotive products. Please keep checking back as we are always adding more products as and when they become available.


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