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Information about the products InterParts supply

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Quality products

At InterParts we are committed to offering quality parts, accessories, tools and supplies centred around the automotive industry. We constantly strive to find and supply useful products that we believe will help you while repairing and maintaining your vehicle.

Our store is separated into product categories, each one dedicated to offering you fantastic products coupled with great prices.

For more information on the items we can supply please click on the links below. Here you will find information on the manufacturers we stock and other general information. There will also be a link that, when clicked, will take you to our online store for that product range.

  • N.B. - Currently we don't sell the following items online - 
    • Batteries (Unfortunately couriers don't like to transport them)
    • Number Plates (In order to make a number plate we need to see original documents such as a V5 and a driving licence etc.)

Product categories

You can click on each category below for further information.

  1. Body shop supplies
  2. Tools
  3. Car and van parts
  4. Trailer and towing parts and accessories
  5. Car and van care
  6. Number plates and accessories
  7. Batteries - vehicle and leisure
  8. Welding supplies
  9. Cycling equipment
  10. Auto electrical items
  11. Work-shop supplies
  12. Environmentally friendly products
  13. Miscellaneous


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We hope you will be able to find products suited to your needs that will help you to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

Our store is continuously expanding so please keep checking back to see how it is growing. If you order anything from us, first of all thank you and secondly please subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of updates as and when they happen.


At InterParts we really do appreciate your business.

If you think we should be stocking a certain product that we don't stock at present please let us know, we always welcome customer feedback.