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Batteries are an integral part of a vehicle and while they do last for many years they do eventually stop working, usually during winter or other cold periods. The length of a battery's life depends on many factors including:
  • Where the vehicle is stored when not in use - e.g. in a garage or outside.
  • The type of engine in your car - is it diesel or petrol, does it have a small or large engine.
  • The electrical equipment in your vehicle - e.g. air conditioning, daytime driving lights, entertainment system etc.
  • The way the vehicle is driven.

The list goes on and on. What is certain is that at some point if you own the car or van for long enough you will have to replace the battery at some stage.

Before buying a battery it is important to make sure it is actually the battery that has stopped working. More often that not the battery will be at fault, if you can no longer start your car and the lights on your car are dim, however the alternator on the car might be at fault and it is this that is causing you the problem. If you are unsure what is causing the problem bring your vehicle to InterParts and we will be happy to carry out a battery and alternator check for you - free of charge.

At InterParts we know how costly running a vehicle can be, so we have decided to stock two ranges of batteries. We are an authorised stockist of VARTA batteries which sits in our premium range and we also stock ProMax batteries which sits in our budget range. We believe both manufacturers offer great products at a fantastic price.
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At present we do not sell batteries on-line (Unfortunately couriers don't like to transport them). You can, of course, buy batteries in person from our retail store.